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Who we are

With a passion for Tony Kart and all products produced by OTK Kart Group, Pure Karting feels we as a company are the America's best source for OTK and other fine karting products. While Pure Karting is a newly established company, with organization in 2010, owner Cliff Kujala has over one decade of history selling and servicing Tony Kart, Vortex, and other OTK Brands. In addition to this time in the OTK products business, Kujala has raced Tony Kart Chassis as early as 1993.

Power from passion within

Located in Phoenix, AZ USA, Pure Karting is positioned to delivery quality, year round service, and quick delivery times to United States, Mexico, and Canadian customers.

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Cliff - Principle

Owner, and team leader Cliff has 20+ years of karting experience. Including roles as driver, coach, and manager.

J.Rok - Race Dept Manager

Looking to get on a winning team? James is the guy that will manage your efforts, and put you on the box.

Stony - Team Logistics

GTD - Dude is G.etting T.hings D.one! Without this guy, our entire team would run like a gearbox without oil.

Amy - The Boss

Hey...this is a business after all. If this lady is calling you, it's time to pay for all the fun you've had.

Payson - The Future

We all have to keep it in our sites, and this little dude is just one of the reasons we work so hard.


16602 N 23rd Ave
Suite 105
Phoenix, AZ 85023 USA

Tel: (+1) 602 492 5278